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The Drovers Inn

For three centuries the Drovers Inn has been welcoming weary travellers as they pass through the glen at the top of Loch Lomond. The place truly reeks of tradition, grisly folk tales and colourful ancient legends.

Set in one of most stunning beauty spots in the west of Scotland, this historic Inn gets its name from the Highland Drovers who used to drive their cattle south down this narrow pass to the market towns of the Lowlands and the Borders.

The whole ambience of the Drovers Inn reflects the heritage of this bygone era, and as you cast your eyes over the original stonework, fireplaces and décor, you are immediately transported back to the days of Rob Roy and the feuding clan chiefs of Highland lore. Confronting you in the Inn’s reception is an enormous stuffed grizzly bear – perhaps setting the tone for some of the more alarming tales surrounding the Drover’s history. Not least of which are the many ghost stories associated with this most haunted of places.

In fact so many incidents of a supernatural nature have been reported over the centuries (and up until present day), that the owners have installed CCTV cameras in various parts of the establishment in the hope of catching a glimpse of some of the nefarious or simply unexplainable activities going on after the hours of darkness.

One particular spooky series of sightings concerns the events surrounding a highland drover by the name of Angus. The story goes that Angus stopped-off at the Inn for a welcome rest and some liquid hospitality whilst driving a herd of cattle south on behalf of his chieftain. On seeing Angus over-indulging in the fine ales and whisky on offer at the Inn, rival clan members waited their chance then “rustled” his cattle under cover of darkness.

On hearing the news of his drover’s plight, the ruthless and unforgiving chieftain flew into a rage and proceeded to slaughter Angus’s family and sweetheart. He then banished Angus from the clan in total dishonour.

Angus roamed the hills and glens of the highlands for months planning how he could exact his bitter revenge on the rival clan members that had cost him so dearly. With nothing left to lose

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