Driver Diary Part Four

The Big Interview –

How long have you been a driver guide?

Just under 4 years. I already had my PCV license so simply had to train on the routes.

What about the historical information? Did you have to do some studying?

OK, the routes and the history then! I thought I knew quite a lot about Scottish history but quickly understood why our specialist knowledge makes a difference.

What attracted you to the industry?

Well, I love driving and talking. I suppose I could have become a taxi driver but city driving isn’t quite the same as getting out into the wild open spaces. The thing I love talking about more than anything is Scotland. I think we are a very proud nation and the opportunity to get others excited about what we have to offer is one I didn’t want to miss.

What’s your favourite tour?

I like going to Skye but any tours that take in the West Coast of Scotland are fine by me. The scenery is just spectacular – as good as you’ll see anywhere in the world.  And when you combine that with the rich history we are lucky enough to enjoy, there’s no better place.

What makes Discover Scotland Tours different?

I hope it’s the wit and charm of the diver guides and the exceptional experiences we provide. Seriously, I think being able to establish a relationship with guests quickly is important and we make sure we do that. Sometimes there’s a language barrier but there are ways around that. I’ve started to learn a few phrases that normally get a laugh as my accent is almost always extremely questionable.

We also try to get to places others can’t reach. Our coaches are compact enough to negotiate some of Scotland’s smaller, more remote roads and that can make the difference.

Now we’ll go from broadsheet to tabloid.  Any mishaps or tricky incidents you can tell us about?

Haha. Every day has its challenges but that’s what keeps things interesting. I’ve lost a few people. Not permanently but during one distillery visit. It turned out the guest had enjoyed the sampling just a little too much and was having a nap on a bench in the distillery grounds. We found him just before the shop shut and he managed to buy a bottle or two of his favourite Malt.

What’s the most interesting wildlife you’ve seen on your travels?

I’ve seen so much. Golden Eagles are incredible and Stags are pretty impressive, but Dolphins are the best. You imagine them in tropical waters but no matter where you see them, its mesmerising. I could watch them for hours.

Where are you off to next?

Skye. I can’t wait. Summer in Skye is wonderful and I’m with some returning guests so I know we’ll have a great few days.

Thanks for you time – .

We’ll be back soon with some more from the blog.  If you can’t wait for that and want to get out on one of our tours, click here to book or find out more.

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